The Thirteenth Annual ASMEA Conference was held virtually November 18 - 20, 2020. Registered attendees can access on-demand content HERE.

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The Pursuit of Physical Security in East Africa

Erica De Bruin
Oliver McPherson-Smith
Daisy Muibu
Michelle Sikes
Discussant: Dr. Larry Simpson

Stirring the Pot in North Africa

Sercan Canbolat
Lucia Kroiter
Natalia Piskunova
Discussant: Dr. Mark T. Clark

Lebanon: Negotiating the Precipice

Isaac Andakian
Jean D. Avenel
Taylan Paksoy
Discussant: Dr. Eyal Zisser

Women in Africa: Progress and Empowerment

Alhassan Abdul Rahman
Katarina Maruskinova
Consolata R. Sulley
Discussant: Dr. Lindsay Benstead

Experiences and Narratives: How Israel is Shaped

Asher Lubotzky
Dan Naor
Avi Shilon
Eliezer Tauber
Discussant: Dr. Ofira Seliktar

Who Stands with Women in the Middle East?

Hala Adel Abdelgawad
Lindsay Benstead
Mennatullah Hendawy
Chen Kertcher
Discussant: Dr. Consolata R. Sulley

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The Colonial Project and its Discontents

Bright Alozie
Caroline Angle
David Tallon
Discussant: Dr. Paul B. Chiudza Banda

Sifting the Future of the Arab Spring in Tunisia

Uriel Abulof
Nourhan Kassem
Shirley Le Penne
Salih Yasun
Discussant: Dr. Ricardo Crespo

Visions of Iran

Bashir Tofangsazi
Robert Steele
Discussant: Dr. Neal Coates

Tools of War in the Middle East

Ricardo Crespo
Ofer Israeli
Jay Ryder
Aram Shahin
Discussant: Dr. Kenneth Christie

Topics on Africa

Passmore Chishaka
Camille Dantzler
Joseph Lasky
Discussant: Mr. Bright Alozie

Contemporary Security Issues in Africa

Bruce Bechtol
William Dean
William Taylor
Discussant: Dr. Douglas Streusand

Roundtable A: Regional Impact of the Abraham Accords

Nikolas Gardner
Mark Heller
Bashir Tofangsazi
The Abraham Accords, the peace treaties signed between Israel and Bahrain, and Israel and the UAE earlier this year, represent a new era for relations among Middle Eastern states. Signed with the promise to: “seek tolerance and respect for every person…no matter their race, faith or ethnicity; support science, art, medicine, and commerce to inspire humankind…and bring nations closer together; and; end radicalization and conflict…”, the Accords have up-ended longstanding views on pursuing peace in the region. They also pose challenges to regional spoilers like Iran and Turkey. This roundtable discussion will provide views of the Accords from the perspectives of Israel, Iran, and the UAE.

Turkish Foreign Policy: Tested on all Fronts

Stavros Drakoularakos
Banu Eligur
Kivanc Ulusoy
Discussant: Dr. Ioannis N. Grigoriadis

Pursuing Success and/or Failure in Egypt

Rashed Daher
Sherin El Gendi
Hannah Ridge
Mohamed Ismail Sabry
Discussant: Dr. Steven Childs

Israel, the Palestinians, and the World

Ziv Rubinovitz
Ron Schleifer
Ofira Seliktar
Eyal Zisser
Discussant: Dr. Avi Shilon

Keynote: "Erdogan's Neo-Ottoman Irredentism: How Serious A Military Challenge?"

Burak Bekdil

Borne in Violence: Local Players in Iraq and Syria

Haval Ahmad
Yehudit Barsky
Tamás Dudlák
Joe Kotinsly
Discussant: Dr. Liora Lukitz

Roundtable B: "Fake News" about Israel: Ground Zero for Today’s Journalism Crisis

Richard Baehr
Richard Landes
Asaf Romirowsky
Gerald Steinberg
Sam Westrop
Starting with the outbreak of the “Al Aqsa Intifada” in September 2000, the Western legacy news media has been engaged in misreporting of the news from the Middle East that has no parallel in its widespread consensus and lengthy hegemony… twenty years and counting. Since then, and with increasing velocity in the last five years, the invasion of manipulative partisan reporting into what should be news media dedicated to accuracy and relevance has become a major plague in Western cultures, especially acute in this time of pandemic. This panel will explore the dynamics of this pandemic of distorted and inaccurate news, and its impact on Western cultures. 

Models of African Governance

Vladimir Chlouba
Patrick Milabyo Kyamusugulwa
Kimberly L Shella
Diane E Whitelaw
Discussant; Dr. Robert Lloyd

Forging Foreign Relations and National Security in Iran

Norvell B. DeAtkine
Wes Martin
George Sanikidze
Discussant: Dr. Joseph Skelly

Making Religion and Nation in Africa

Aldrin T. Magaya
Andrew Marshall
Noel Twagiramungu
Discussant: Dr. Wyndham Whynot

Instabilities in the Arabian Peninsula

Edward Lynch
Ala Mohsen
Wojtek Wolfe
Discussant: Mr. David Silverstein

Adapt and Innovate: The Faithful in Turkey

Ioannis N. Grigoriadis
Hakki Gurkas
Neset Ulusal
Discussant: Dr. Kivanc Ulusoy

The New Shatterbelt of the Middle East: Geopolitics of Eastern Mediterranean in a Post Corona World

Nursin Guney
Visne Korkmaz
Discussant: Nursin Guney

Finding Meaning in Feminism and the Divine

Ilma Qureshi
Golriz Shayani
Lamees Assayed Fadl
Discussant: Dr. Mustapha Tajdin

Holy Discourses and their Interpretations

Joseph S. Spoerl
Mustapha Tajdin
Hamza M. Zafer
Anouar El Younssi
Discussant: Dr. Douglas Streusand

The Maintenance of Iran’s Ruling Regime

Shukriya Bradost
Neal Coates
Layla M. Hashemi
Mark Silinsky
Discussant: Dr. David Meier

Conflict and Control in The Maghreb

R.M. Douglas
Leyla Tiglay
Yasmine Zarhloule
Discussant: Col. Wes Martin

Malawi’s Pursuit of Independence and Good Governance

Paul B. Chiudza Banda
Gift Wasambo Kayira
SangEun Kim
Discussant: Dr. Noel Twagiramungu

Topics on the Middle East

Dilara Hekimci
Daniel Rickenbacher
Andrew Russo
Discussant: Ms. Suzanne Sloan


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