Hello Medicare agents and those interested in learning about Medicare!

10 of the Local California AHU chapters have chosen to take this opportunity of the virtual world and come together and host a CA STATEWIDE Medicare EXPO.  We only see the positive of being able to offer more classes (no time/room restriction), address all regions in the state in ONE conference (not just local silo’s), and with combined attendance be able to draw high profile industry speakers.

We are extremely excited to offer this virtual event with an updated delivery for the many Certifications, CE’S, and Product Training our industry partners provide. By going virtual, combining TEN chapters from up and down the state, and improving the ability to provide regional training statewide, we will be a one stop shop with all of the content you need to help clients anywhere in CA. 

The virtual experience is so thorough, and engagement will be encouraged throughout the two-day intense dive into all things that can help Medicare agents serve our seniors.  We even have some courses for Group agents that would like to know more.  Education is key for all of us, and it also gives you an opportunity to show your value to your clients. 
We will be opening over 100 sessions– please let us know if you have a valuable one to add.
To our potentia sponsor Partners and Exhibitors - this is an opportunity that cannot be passed up. With your support and insight, we are excited to see what creative idea’s we will bring to this first ever CA Statewide Medicare Expo.

We look forward to providing an event that will elevate Medicare agents throughout the state. 

We would like to also say a heart-felt “Thank You”!  
We appreciate your support for all of your local chapters because you know and support the role agents play in the Medicare eligible community.

Very Sincerely,

Your Excited CA State Medicare Expo Committee

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http://www.dcahu.org http://sahu-ca.com
http://www.ggahu.org http://sbahu.org
http://laahu.org https://svahu.org/
http://www.northcoastahu.org/ http://www.vcahu.com/

"Sneak peak" at the developing agenda here!

Interested in Sponsoring, Exhibiting, or Teaching a course? 
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Please call 800-488-2506 or email info@ggahu.org


August 26th - Opening Meditation and LIVE General Session

David Meltzer
Naama O. Pozniak
Peter Bauer, Region 9 CMS

Nor Cal Regional Breakout - Provider Panel

Norman  Sheehan
Alan Jones
Dr. Rajesh Ranadive

So Cal Regional Breakout - Provider Panel

Ron  Illenberger
Dr. Donald Rebhun
Dr. Ari Berenson
Noel Frias

Federal Legislative Update - What does 2021 hold?

John Greene

Migrating to Medicare, The Sales Process

Rosamaria Marrujo

Sponsored by:

What does an Employee Benefits Agent Need to know

Jack Lyons
Chris Reilly

Sponsored by:

The Art of Networking

Sarah Reznick

Understanding Diversity in Markets We Sell To

Dr. David  Bronstein

Sponsored by:

Fix Your Follow Up

Nick Cavarra

Medicare Plan Finder Updates for 2020

Justin Lubenow

United Healthcare Product Training

Ron  Illenberger

Sponsored by:

Humana Portal Information

Ed Martin

Sponsored by:

Is It Clutter or Is It Hording:Managing the "Stuff" of a Lifetime

Marty Stevens-Heebner

Let's Talk About Rx Cost Control - Panel Discussion

David Contorno
William Miller
Bill Hepscher
Zach Zeller

Employer Group Options for Medicare Eligible Employess

Ken Peterson

Filling the Gaps with LTCI Which Medicare/Medicaid Doesn't Address

Stan  Israel

Sponsored by:

I Got Zoom, Now What?

Sue Wakamoto-Lee

Sponsored by:

Humana Product Training

Jose  Cabrera

Sponsored by:

Financial Planner Partnerships

Hillel Katzeff

Estate Planning - Save Your Clients Time and Money

Guiliana Brockway
Julie Ann Talbo

Deep Dive into MAPD/PDP and VA Coverage

Scott Mathis

Sponsored by:

Transitioning from Covered CA to Medicare

Karol Sandoval

Life Insurance Settlements - Benefiting Your Client and You!

Lisa Rehburg

Sponsored by:

People First Recruiting and Mentoring

Kathleen  Quinn Votaw

Knowing Medicare Enrollment Opportunities

David Garcia

Sponsored by:

Simplify the Selling of Life Insurance with Quote and Apply

Shawn Tattersall

Sponsored by:

Virtual Networking Happy Hour

Various Speakers

August 27th - Opening Meditation and LIVE General Session

Naama O. Pozniak
Matt Copley

Lunch and Games with the Exhibitors

Take A Break
Take some time to browse the exhibit hall! 

Remember - Go to the Medicare EXPO booth to click on the link of the most recent bingo card to get your own bingo card.  Then to get your bingo words you need to visit the booths!  If you get bingo go to the Medicare EXPO booth and type BINGO with the words that made you win.  We will verify and announce the winner, then post the next card to play.  

Be sure to thank United Healthcare and Humana for your GrubHub lunch to enjoy while browsing the Exhibit Hall!

Ways to be entered into the $1000 Grand Prize Drawing (names will be gathered and an email announcement will go out to all of the attendees within a week of the closing of the event):

1.  Register for the event (easy, you are here!)

2.  JOIN TODAY - <---- Click here!

.  Every winning bingo card gets the winner an entry  (Visit the Medicare EXPO Booth to get most current, not yet closed bingo game link)

Agent Success Panel

Lucille  Maravilla
Terri Yurek
Barry Cogdill
Norman Sheehan
Moderated by:  Craig Gussin

CA Legislative Update

Faith  Borges
Brad Davis

Impacts & Trends In The Medicare Marketplace

Craig Taylor

Sponsored by:

To Group Or Not To Group

Shelly Hoover

Sponsored by:

Social Media Do's and Dont's for Business

Patricia Ross

CMS Compliant Websites

Grace Kuhn
Rosamaria Marrujo

Sponsored by:

Anthem Blue Cross Early Look 2021

Michelle  Lauahi

Sponsored by:

Choosing Senior Living

Barbara Oberman

Marijuana for Medicare Beneficiaries

Elisabeth  Mack

Your Business and Planning for the Future

Craig  Gussin

Sponsored by:

How to Create Marketing Graphics Like a Rockstar

Patricia Ross

Working With Medical Groups

Ruby De LaTorre

Sponsored by:

Western Health Advantage Introduction & Certification

Michele Lehuta
Denise Grudin

Sponsored by:

Reverse Mortgages - Good or Bad?

Janice Cohen

Healthcare Fraud Kills: What You Need to Know

Micki Nozaki

Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage

David Garcia

Sponsored by:

Meditation as a New Way for Wellness

Naama O. Pozniak

Sponsored by:

Making Change in Uncertain Times

Dwane McFerrin

Sponsored by:

Marketing For Medicare

Harry Thal
Ray Martin

Take a look at one of Harry's popular marketing videos:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/75foe2kdz3d436c/Harry%20Thal%20Commercial.mp4?dl=0

Norton LifeLock - Cyber Security

Joe Zambito

Sponsored by:

National General Insurance Product Training

Craig Rydzeski

Sponsored by:

Understanding Medi-Cal in the Medicare World

Judy Daniels

Sponsored by:

August 28th - Ethics The Musical

Bobbi  Kaelin

Alternative IFP Solutions

Emma Fox
Serenity Owens