Open to penultimate and final year optometry students from all 6 Australian Universities. 

Welcome to the first ever National Optometry Student Conference brought to you by your very own 2020 Student Executive teams, in tandem with Optometry Australia. 

This day long conference will be the official bridge between universities all across Australia, connecting you to your peers and future colleagues. Be a part of this historical new initiative to learn the must-knows before graduating, the opportunities outside normal scope optometry, the benefits of making interstate relations and what you can do as a collective group to push optometry forward. 

Grab hold of this rare opportunity to form personal connections and start discussions with your fellow optometry students and successful optometrists across Australia to develop your areas of interest from their experiences and wisdom.

For more information visit the Facebook event page and join the OSSA group.

If that’s not enough, we have our hotly requested prizes up for grabs at our highly anticipated national trivia night! Win it for yourself, for your team, but better yet, for your state!


9.30 am (AEDST): Welcome, Event overview and Housekeeping

Lyn Brodie
Darrell Baker

10.00 am (AEDST): Getting Registered - What do I need to know?

Simon Hanna

  • Who is OBA, AHPRA, Medicare? 
  • Defining Three Letter Acronyms, PII, CPD, CPR and more

11.00 am (AESDT): Graduating – The ECO perspective

Jingyi  Chen
Mina You

  • Making interstate connections, linking with ECO committees
  • Registration requirements etc?

1.00 pm (AESDT): Optometry Australia: Who are we?

Sophie Koh
Luke Arundel

  • Overview of OA membership and what support we offer (e.g. HR, legal, clinical, policy/advocacy)
  • Signing contracts, negotiating salary + benefits

2.00pm (AESDT) Modes of Practice

Jacqueline  Warren
Rohan Hughes
Kristen Bailey

2pm Optometry in hospital setting
  • Jacqueline Warren (SA)
  • Jacqui will be introducing the idea of optometry in a hospital setting and the future it holds.
2:20pm Paediatrics/BV + Myopia control (Atropine, OrthoK, etc.)
  • Rohan Hughes (QLD) 
  • Rohan will be speaking about how his expertise in paediatrics and myopia control has developed.
2:40pm Complex CLs Fittings/RGPs
  • Kristin Bailey (SA)
  • Kristin will be talking about her journey through the contact lens scope of optometric practice.

4.30 pm (AESDT):Volunteering Opportunities (Outreach and Internationally)

Katrina Yap
Alek Sims

  • Katrina will be talking to us about her volunteering experiences and how you can get involved.
  • Alek will be sharing his experiences in Nepal and working rurally.