Mina You

Mina graduated from The University of Melbourne Doctor of Optometry in 2019 and currently works for the Australian College of Optometry in Melbourne. She is a current Early Career Optometry Victoria South Australia Committee Member. 

At the University of Melbourne, Mina was involved in a range of activities and committees including as a co-convenor of the Doctor of Optometry Student Conference in 2019 and a Student Ambassador for the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences in 2018-2019. She also spent time as an Optometry Coordinator of the Teddy Bear Hospital in 2018 and as an Optometry Representative of the Interprofessional Education and Practice Health Students’ Network (IPEP HSN) from 2016 to 2019. Mina also led the Multidisciplinary Alumni and Peer Engagement and Networking Initiatives in 2018 supported by the University of Melbourne SSAF Grant.

Mina participated in the inaugural Optometry Australia Student Leadership Program in 2019. She was the recipient of the Inspiring Doctor of Optometry Student Award at the University of Melbourne Doctor of Optometry Student Conference in 2019. She was also awarded The University of Melbourne’s Leaders in Communities Award in 2018.


11.00 am (AESDT): Graduating – The ECO perspective