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Webcasts, or webinars, are short presentations to communicate your message. These are also a great tool for teaching single topics. Typically, webcasts and webinars are one or two session events.


Host individual courses or a complete curriculum, complete with testing and quizzes, certificates upon completion, and even supplemental downloads to complement time spent in the online classroom.

Training Events

Training can be internal, external, or even different sessions devoted to a product or service. These are typically several session events focused on developing specific skills.

Marketing Events

Product launches, brand awareness, and lead generation are just a few examples of new marketing opportunities with online events. You decide the format that works for your organization.

TownHall Meetings

Meetings allow you to present a consistent message and interact with customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders. Avoid travel and maximize your effective time in working with your team.

Conference Events

Provide your audience with all of the information they crave. Sessions, exhibitors and so much more. You can reach a wider audience with online events to accompany your in person event.

Trade Expos

From one session to hundreds of sessions, single-day-events to multi-day events. Options for monetizing your event, including exhibitors, advertisements, contests and more, offer outstanding flexibility.

Recruiting /Career Events

Increase your reach, enhance your work force, and improve industry connections. Attracting new talent is key to any company looking to grow and be successful.

Anything Video!

It's true! If it can be captured, we can help you create an event out of it. We believe video is the single most powerful tool for connecting to a remote audience.



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Our prices are outstanding, our team is second to none without nickel and dime charges that add up quickly. is a platform that helps you host virtual events, virtual conferences, webinars and online courses and even live virtual events that rival and surpass traditional in-person events. With tools to help provide sessions and exhibits and an incredible learning environment, you have the chance to provide an incredible experience for your attendees and continuing education projects. From conferences with more than 120 sessions to single-track events broadcast live on the Internet, vConferenceOnline makes hosting your next virtual event both effortless and profitable.