Farida Bemba Nabourema

Farida Bemba Nabourema is a Togolese social activist, a pan africanist and a writer. She has been a fearless advocate for democracy and human rights in Togo and through hundreds of articles written on her blog and other sites, she denounces corruption, dictatorship and inequality. In 2014, Farida published a book in French titled La Pression de oppression (The Pressure of Oppression) in which she discussed the different forms of oppression that people face throughout Africa and highlighted the need for youth and women to be politically engaged. Farida also serves as the executive director of the Togolese Civil League, an NGO that promotes democracy, human rights, and rule of law in Togo through grassroots organizing, civic education, and advocacy. She is a 2021 Inclusive Global Leadership Initiative (IGLI) practitioner in residence at the Joseph Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver where she taught a graduate course titled “Resisting Authoritarianism in the digital age” as an adjunct professor.


Civil Resistance, Movement Building & Non-Violent Action