Presented by: Daniel Bock, Ph.D., FormFactor, Inc.

Daniel Bock got his Ph.D. in Physics at Carnegie Mellon University in 2006, working on Superconducting Nanowire Bolometers in the NanoFabrication Lab.  He then went to work in 2007 with Physical Optics Corporation in Torrance, CA. There, he was awarded more than $4M in SBIR research grants from the Department of Defense, developing innovative high power tunable filters for use in Electronics Warfare and Electronics Attack systems.  He joined the Cascade Microtech Business Unit in June of 2012.  Since joining, he has been working to extend the mmWave bandwidth of Pyramid Probe technology, including RF test of automotive radar devices.  He has also led the development of the Custom Calibration Substrate (Custom ISS) product line to supplement the standard ISS line.


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