Jacob Kraemer Tebes

Jacob K. Tebes is Professor of Psychiatry (Psychology) and in the Child Study Center, Yale School of Medicine, and Professor of Epidemiology (Social and Behavioral Sciences), Yale School of Public Health. He also directs the Yale Division of Prevention and Community Research, is Chief of Psychology at the Connecticut Mental Health Center, and Program Director of Yale’s NIDA T32 Postdoctoral Research Training Program in Substance Abuse Prevention. His professional activities include research, teaching, administration, and service, mostly to address issues of equity and social justice. His research has been funded by federal, state, and municipal agencies and private foundations, and has examined the prevention of adolescent substance use as well as school-, community-, and system-level interventions to promote resilience after trauma-exposure. He has also written on the philosophy of science as it applies to community psychology, research methodology, and team science. He is the former Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Community Psychology.


Community Psychology Keynote: Jacob Kraemer Tebes