Tina Maschi

Tina Maschi, PhD, LCSW, ACSW is a professor of social work at the Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service. Master’s in social work, and doctorate at Rutgers University. Her research is at the intersection of aging, trauma, health/mental health, and the criminal justice system.  Dr. Maschi has extensive practice and research experience with trauma among criminal justice populations of all ages, including incarcerated youth and older adults. Her research projects have included, "Trauma, coping resources, and well-being among older adults in prison” and “Community Reintegration of Older Adults.” Her scholarly publications have broken new ground in understanding and responding to trauma, resilience, and prison community reentry/reintegration among diverse populations of all ages.  Dr. Maschi scholarship also promotes human rights and including building the competency of professionals and communities to address trauma, coping resilience, well-being. She is the lead editor of the book, Forensic Social Work: Psychosocial and Legal Aspects in Diverse Practice Settings and the author of A Rights Research Manifesto


Clinical Psychology Keynote: Tina Maschi