Devoted to the development of Indiana women in banking. The Banking on Women Conference is your opportunity to unlock your potential, build confidence and help you chart a course so you can own your future!

This conference, where women take the lead, encourages professional development and leadership in your bank, while also promoting the importance of fostering relationships and inspiring women to reach their career goals and aspirations. Our powerhouse speakers will help you advance your decision-making and negotiating processes and teach you how to deliver and apply these insights to benefit your future and your financial institution’s future.

The event will benefit all levels of staff from any financial institution or financial services provider interested in the enhancement and career growth of women in Indiana. This conference will give you the opportunity to network with other professional women and discuss similar challenges and solutions.


Welcome and Opening Remarks

Lisa Arnold

RISE UP: The Emerging Paradigm of Feminine Power, Influence and Wisdom Taking Precedence in a New Wo

Dr. Juli Lynch
It may well be that “this” global pandemic, civic rising up, economic upheaval, and disruption of “life” as we have known it has impacted the lives of every human on the planet. Imagine that! In our lifetime! We have endured the disbelief. We have weathered the months of lock down, social distancing, safer at home, wearing of masks, protests, riots, unrest, economic volatility, professional and personal change. Now we sense we are preparing for a new world – a “never going back” to what once was. So, here is the question. WHO have YOU BECOME during this global, national, regional, and local disruption? WHO are YOU BECOMING as the weeks turn into months and the future remains uncertain? And WHO do YOU WANT TO BE ultimately to not only survive but to actually RISE UP and BE part of the HUGE POTENTIAL awaiting WOMEN to empower a new paradigm, a new way of showing up, leading, supporting influencing and impacting the world around you – both at your bank, in your communities and at home. In this presentation Dr. Juli Lynch will share with you the Four Guiding Emotional Mindsets to Elevate Your Power, Influence and Wisdom. She will identify the “shadow” effect of allowing people and situations to de-rail you from your innate feminine qualities that could be activated right here, right now to guide yourself and others through these times. She will make sure you KNOW how to activate, re-activate, and sustain emotional mindsets no matter what happens around you. You will leave this session feeling strong, feeling powerful and knowing how you want to move forward.

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Marcy Borden

Every Generation Matters: Why Building Multi-Generational Teams is the Future of Work

Lindsay  Boccardo
“Generations misunderstanding each other is not a new problem. In fact, every generation thinks the one that comes after them is less competent, more entitled or harder to work with. The good news is that no one generation is broken. No single generation of employees is in the wrong. Maslow’s famous hierarchy tells us all humans have the same internal drivers—but we’re realizing now that our needs manifest themselves differently depending on the year someone was born. Multi-generational teams who are willing to teach, mentor and truly understand their co-workers are statistically three times more likely to meet or exceed expectations at work. Through this session, you will learn how to examine your own experiences growing up and how they directly affect your relationships at work.

Prize Giveaways, Word from Our Sponsors & Break for Lunch

Marcy Borden

Charity Introduction - Ascent 121

Sarah Hurley
“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” Giving back to the community is as much a part of the conference as professional development. This year’s charity of choice, chosen by the Banking on Women Conference Committee, is Ascent 121. Sarah Hurley, Peer Mentor Program Manager, will share how this organization empowers minor sex trafficking survivors and their families through long-term recovery services to position them for their next chapter of life. This conference is all about women rising up and moving forward...stronger than ever. Together we hope to raise funds for Ascent 121 to help these young people do just that. There will be a silent auction to fundraise for this charity. Gift baskets and other fabulous items will be available to bid on during the conference. Donations are also welcomed at Ascent 121’s website and will be doubled by a generous matching grant from Colts’ Coach Frank Reich and his wife Linda.

Getting Grit - Put Passion, Perseverance and Purpose to Work

Caroline  Adams Miller
In times of greater complexity, ever-increasing regulation and competition, organizations need people who can weather these challenges and not just be productive—but actually thrive. People who are resilient in times of change. People who have GRIT. Grit is passion and persistence in pursuit of longterm goals. Research confirms: Grit is the secret to success. As company goals get more challenging every year, achieving them will take even more grit. But HOW do people become grittier? Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP, is an expert on Positive Psychology and the foremost authority on how to apply the science of grit and achievement to our lives. Caroline shares timely examples, stories and research-based insights that your audience will put to use to reach their highest goals! People with authentic grit have key traits that audiences learn from and want to emulate. Caroline shares the practical strategies that accelerate performance: defined purpose, hard goals, role models, team building, and more. This powerful talk inspires audiences to become grittier—and achieve big goals

Prize Giveaways & Day One Wrap Up

Elizabeth  DeHaven

Mixology Social

Colin Huntley
Looking for a fun way to connect with others and learn something new? Join Big Machine Vodka for a virtual cocktail mixology class as we connect and share a unique experience like no other.

Shake, pour, and sip your own fresh Big Machine Vodka cocktails in an interactive, virtual mixology class. Out Big Machine Vodka mixologist will be showing you how to create two signature drunks. Be sure to look out for your welcome box, ingredient lists can be found inside so you can be ready to focus on flavor balance and mixology skills. This session will be interactive, and social. Let's have some cocktails together! #BigMachineVodka

Rise & Shine Yoga

Lokee Yoga
Shine with all you have! Be happier and healthier in daily life through a welcoming and accessible approach to yoga and wellness. Grab your mats as we start the day in a fun and creative way. You will breathe, focus and create a foundation to be your personal best.

Welcome to Day Two of the Banking on Women - Rise Up Conference


Welcome and Opening Remarks

Amber Van Til

Help and Serve Your Customers in a Virtual World NOW & Seamlessly Transition Back to Business as Usu

Kelly McDonald
Right now, your customers need you more than ever. But not in the same old way. What your customers want and expect from you now is radically different through this challenging time. You must differentiate yourself and your organization on the experience that your customers have, rather than simply the products and services you offer.

Doing business virtually poses challenges: you may not get to meet your clients and prospects or even have the face-to-face interaction that’s so effective. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t serve your customer in exceptional ways.

And, when the storm has passed, how do you seamlessly and QUICKLY transition back to your everyday business practices? It may not be “business as usual” or “back to normal”. What new approaches will you keep? What will this difficult experience have taught us that makes us better, smarter, and more effective? And most importantly, how can you leverage new insights and changes to cement the bond with your customers for increased sales and loyalty? 

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Marcy Borden

Let It Go and Lead On!

Vicki Floyd Clark
As women we often refuse to LET GO. Letting go of mistakes, failures ideas, guilt and other “toxic baggage” keeps us stuck in the past and keeps us from growing and living our lives freely. If we want to be successful leaders, happy and free then we need to learn to unpack the past, sing the Frozen Song and LET IT GO and LEAD ON!!

Silent Auction Info & Prize Giveaways & Short Break

Elizabeth  DeHaven

Try, Try Again

Laurie Stewart
There’s simply no better voice in banking to speak at the IBA Banking on Women’s Conference than Laurie Stewart. Her banking career started as a teller. She ran a tiny credit union and led its conversion to a mutual bank and then to a publicly traded company. She has been named Community Banker of the year by American Banker and is the chair of the American Bankers Association. She’s certainly overcome extraordinary leadership, business and personal career challenges during her 30+year career. Stewart will share her story with us, touch on lessons learned, define why a career in banking is rewarding to her and should be for other women, and she’ll highlight actions everyone can take to encourage and mentor others



Prize Giveaway and Silent Auction Reminder

Elizabeth  DeHaven
Marcy Borden

Woman of the Year Award Presentation

Bali Heir

Woman on the Rise Award Presentation

Martha Lehman

Prize Giveaways & Word from Our Sponsors

Marcy Borden

Own It: Being A Woman In Banking

Natalie Bartholemew
Own It: Being A Woman In Banking presents immediate takeaways for session goers including information on mentorship, building your own personal brand, the importance of advocating for women in your organization, and much more. Natalie Bartholomew is a career banker with experience in lending, deposit operations, culture building and marketing. She currently serves as the Chief Administrative Officer and Vice President of Grand Savings Bank, a community bank in Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma. She launched the Girl Banker blog in November of 2017 in hopes of creating a voice for women in banking and working moms. In addition to advocacy for women in banking, Natalie has a passion for educating young women about the banking industry and highlighting those who started their career at a young age. The Girl Banker has been featured in American Banker, the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal, the ABA Bank Marketing Newsletter, and a variety of financial industry newsletters since it’s launch. Since launching the blog, she has visited 12 states to speak about the Girl Banker platform and has participated in a variety of webinars and podcasts. In 2019, she launched the Girl Banker Podcast. 

Conference Wrap Up & Grand Prize Drawing

Dr. Juli Lynch
Marcy Borden

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