Amit  Sheth, Ph.D

Prof. Amit Sheth is an Educator, Researcher, and Entrepreneur. Before joining the University of South Carolina as the founding director of the university-wide AI Institute in 2019, he was the LexisNexis Ohio Eminent Scholar and executive director of Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing at the Wright State University. He is a Fellow of IEEE, AAAI, AAAS, and ACM, and a recipient of the IEEE TCSVC’s Research Innovation Award. For several years through 2018, he was listed among the top 100 most cited computer scientists. He has (co-)founded four companies, three of them by licensing his university research outcomes, including the first Semantic Web company in 1999 that pioneered technology similar to what is found today in Google Semantic Search and Knowledge Graph. He is incredibly proud of the success of his 30 former Ph.D. advisees and 14 postdocs in academia, industry research labs, and as entrepreneurs. Contact him at amit@sc.edu


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