Bradley Kucera // Thompson Creek Mine

Mining Ingenuity—Beneficiation (Limited Operations)

This presentation includes an overview of the limited operations at Thompson Creek Mine, which consist of beneficiation, as well as the logistics, processes used, and economic impacts/benefits to Idaho and Custer County. A unique business model is being employed which allows the mine to provide high-income employment for more than 50 people in remote Idaho. The business climate in Idaho continues to garner the interest of our parent company, Centerra Gold, Inc., who is committed to investing millions in resource exploration in the near future.

About the Presenter

Bradley Kucera holds a BS in Environmental Engineering from the Montana School of Mines. He is currently the environmental health and safety manager for Thompson Creek Mine in addition to numerous other functions for its parent company, Centerra Gold. Bradley is responsible for permitting, compliance, and closure planning for the facilities, which are currently in care and maintenance, while performing limited operations in the form of beneficiation, which uses third-party produced molybdenum concentrates.    


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