Chris Dail, CPG // Midas Gold Idaho, Inc.

Antimony: A Critical Metalloid—Its Sources, Applications, and Deposit Types

Antimony forms over 100 minerals, but it is rare in the crust—as rare as silver and yet has widespread industrial uses. There are few areas where it occurs in sufficient concentrations to be economic—mostly in China, Asia, and the Russian Far East. In 2018, the Department of Interior listed antimony on its Critical Minerals list due to its rarity, limited production sources, and risk of supply chain disruptions. The United States imports over 80 percent of its antimony, most from China. There are many small occurrences in North America, but only one world-class deposit at Stibnite. This talk will explore uses, supply chains, and deposit types.

About the Presenter

Chris Dail is the Exploration Manager for Midas Gold Idaho, Inc. and has served in a number of base and precious metals, industrial minerals, and oil and gas exploration and development roles over his 35-year career. These include field and mine geologist roles through corporate level positions as Vice President of Exploration and Vice President of Operations. He is a member of numerous trade organizations,  a former Trustee of the American Exploration and Mining Association, and currently serves on the Idaho Geological Survey Advisory Board.


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