Frank Santaguida, PhD, PG // First Cobalt Corp.

Establishing a Domestic Cobalt Supply Chain

Presently, a domestic cobalt supply chain does not exist despite all of the natural resources and processing capacity in North America. Cobalt is a key component within batteries that power electric vehicles and is deemed a critical mineral since 100 percent of it is imported. The Idaho Cobalt Belt in Lemhi-Custer County is an important primary source of cobalt ore to provide feed for new refineries in North America. The domestic chain is at hand, but it still requires effort by industry and the government to achieve this goal. Modern mining and mineral processing methods also achieve environmental due diligence.

About the Presenter

Frank Santaguida, Vice President, Exploration for First Cobalt Corp, is a professional geoscientist with over 25 years in the mining industry. He has worked all over the world exploring copper-nickel-cobalt resources. First Cobalt is developing the Iron Creek project in Idaho and re-opening a cobalt refinery in Ontario, Canada.


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