Kelly Collins, PG, CHG, BCES //  Brown and Caldwell

The Ripple Effect of The Clean Water Act Changes

The judicial wheels turn slowly, but in the past year they have resulted in fundamental changes to Clean Water Act regulations. We will discuss the interactions between judicial decisions and regulations (how did we get to the “new here?”) and how these will likely affect your operations and projects. We will also explore how the definition of Waters of the United States (WOTUS) underpins water quality and other foundational environmental regulations, and in response to the Supreme Court's fractured 4-1-4 decision on Rapanos versus United States, the EPA established the Navigable Waters.

About the Presenter

Kelly Collins, PG, CHG, BCES is a senior compliance and permitting specialist with Brown and Caldwell. She has a BS in Geology and an MS in Water Resources. Kelly has 40 years of experience in obtaining permits, developing regulatory compliance programs, conducting National Environmental Policy Act analyses, and documenting for industrial and municipal clients. She is currently assisting with environmental compliance and permitting efforts for the Stibnite Gold Project.


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