Christine Ravesi-Weinstein

Christine Ravesi-Weinstein currently serves as a high school Assistant Principal in Massachusetts and previously worked as a high school science department chair for four years and classroom teacher for 15. Diagnosed with anxiety and depression at 23, Christine began her journey towards mental wellness. She began a non-profit organization in June of 2017 aimed at removing the stigma of mental illness and promoting physical activity as a means to cope with anxiety. As an avid writer and educator, Christine became passionate about bridging the two with her advocacy for mental health. Since March of 2019, she has had numerous nationally published articles including the number one most read article of 2019 on eSchool News (she also had the number six and eight most read articles in that year). Christine has presented at numerous national conferences including ASCD CEL 2019, Empower20 (selected), and ASCD CTE 2020 (selected), and has provided professional development for educators in various districts. Christine is an MASCD Board Member, and Times 10 author. Her first book, "Anxious" was published in March 2020. Follow her work on Twitter @RavesiWeinstein and on YouTube at http://bit.ly/TheRunnersHigh. For more information about Christine, please visit her website at www.ravesiweinstein.com


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