Persida Himmele

Dr. Pérsida Himmele is an Associate Professor in the education department at Millersville University. She has been an elementary and middle school teacher in bilingual and multilingual classrooms and a district administrator serving ELL students in a high-incidence district. She has also been a national and international consultant, in various countries in Africa, Asia, North and South America, as well as islands in the South Pacific and the Caribean. Dr. William Himmele is an Associate Professor at Millersville University in southeastern Pennsylvania. He has served as an ESL teacher and a Speech Pathologist, a higher education administrator, an international consultant and a speaker on issues related to increasing student engagement and teaching English language learners throughout various countries in Africa, Asia, North and South America, as well as various islands and island nations in the South Pacific, the Carribean, and the Atlantic. Pérsida and William, are the authors of several books, articles, and resources, including the ASCD bestselling book, Total Participation Techniques: Making every student an active learner, as well as the accompanying video. They have also written four additional books, including the ASCD books, The Language-Rich Classroom: A research-based framework for teaching English language learners, and Total Literacy Techniques: Tools to help students analyze literature and informational texts.


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