Michelle  Christiansen

Michelle's goal is to help her clients find new opportunities for growth and prosperity. As a previous small business owner, she understands the importance of this.

For this reason, Michelle invests heavily in learning more about the challenges that small business owners face so that she can be a resource to them. Some of the difficult challenges that confront small businesses include;

*Attracting and Retaining Top Talent
*Reducing Health Care Costs
*Minimizing Administrative Burdens
*Improving Employee Performance
*Controlling T&E Expenses
*Focusing on Strategic Priorities

****And with Insperity's large client base (comprised of over 6,000 small - medium sized companies) you gain buying power, which results in more favorable rates and treatment -- and often enables business owners to offer a wider range of benefits and services.

As an Insperity Business Advisor, Michelle is trained to analyze your business and understand the unique challenges you face so that she can offer specific recommendations that will help you achieve your strategic goals.


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