Toni Shelbourne

Toni Shelbournehas worked with domesticated and wild canids since 1989. She started her career at the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (1989 – 2000) and is a Senior Tellington TTouch companion animal practitioner, an accredited canine and animal behaviorist, a Real Dog yoga instructor, senior instructor for the Dog Training College, creator and tutor of the Safe Dog Handling diploma for the International School of Canine Psychology and Behaviour, and author of four books and co-author of three more. She also writes for national dog magazines, including Your Dog and Edition Dog. For a decade, she also worked with 11 socialized wolves at the UK Wolf Conservation Trust, where her roles included senior wolf handler, head of wolf welfare, and education officer.
She lives in Oxfordshire, England where she sees clients, teaches workshops and presents webinars. She is a full member of INTODogs and the International Companion Animal Network and loves to look at the emotional side of dogs, specializing in fear-based issues and stress management.


Canine Compulsive Disorder