Robyn Hood

Robyn Hood is a senior instructor of the Tellington TTouch Method and is Linda Tellington-Jones’ youngest sister. She began riding horses before she could walk and has been involved with breeding, training and showing horses over the past 60+ years. Since 1986, she has been teaching TTEAM and TTouch on a full-time basis in Canada, the U.S., Europe, Australia, South Africa and Russia.
Tellington TTouch started with horses and, in 1994, expanded to dogs and other companion animals and exotics. Hood has been involved in the development of the Tellington Method since 1986. She has written three books on the use of body wraps and another working with dogs, Harnessing Your Dog's Perfection.
She has also given demonstrations and lectures at various venues worldwide, including Spruce Meadows; Equitana USA and Australia; CAPPDT Conference in Saskatchewan, Veterinary Schools in Saskatchewan & Guelph University; APDT Australia; Guild Dogs in Australia and the U.K., International Humane Society Conference in Vienna, and Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia.


Incorporating T-Touch Into Dog Training