Claire Lush

Claire Lush is a community dog handler for Dogs for Good, a U.K.-based charity that creates partnerships between people living with disability and specially trained assistance dogs. She is based at the Vale Federation of special educational needs schools in Buckinghamshire, England. She works alongside her dog colleagues, Zeus and Doyle, under the direction of therapists and teachers within the schools to produce animal assisted intervention programs for children and youths. Together, they support the students to achieve their learning objectives, using innovative and creative activities while educating them about dog behavior and well-being. 
Lush is also a dog trainer member of INTODogs. She has a wealth of experience working with dogs in support and companion roles, in particular supporting local families who share their lives with a reactive dog. She has been studying and working with animals for 19 years and has a passion for working with children and adults to harness the human-animal bond, promoting high standards of well-being for all.


Human-Animal Bond: Endless Opportunities