Lynn Webb

Lynn Webb MA KPA CTP CTMT is a dog trainer and canine massage therapist who lives in Escondido, California. She is certified as a dog trainer through the Karen Pryor Academy and as a massage therapist through the Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage. She has a master’s in United States history and worked for 15 years at the San Diego Wild Animal Park (now known as the San Diego Zoo Safari Park) in various positions, including tour guide, educator, and zookeeper.
Today, as a dog trainer with her own company, The Proficient Pup Dog Training and Massage, she specializes in assisting clients with anxious, shy, or aggressive dogs. She has a strong interest in alleviating the fears that pet dogs experience in varying environments, including rattlesnake habitats. When educating people about rattlesnake avoidance, she educates people how to teach dogs to avoid something without teaching them to fear it; she feels that humans can respect wildlife and protect their dogs at the same time. In training and in life, she believes that making good choices leads to creating a positive impact.
In addition to blogging, she has shared her training ideology on a number of podcasts, including the Animal Training Academy, The Modern Dog Trainer, and How Do You Train That?


Rattlesnake Avoidance: It's Positively Possible