Sharon Carroll

Sharon Carroll has been a professional animal trainer for 30 years. She has been both a presenter and trainer in a range of animal shows, and currently operates Avanti Dog Training, a dog training and behavior consulting business based in Newcastle, Australia.

She is a fully certified behavior consultant with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants in both dogs (CDBC) and horses (CHBC) and is a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA). She has also completed a bachelor of applied science, a graduate diploma (captive vertebrate management – exotics and wildlife), a master of animal science, and is currently completing a Ph.D (veterinary pharmacology).

She guest lectures to post graduate veterinarians and behaviorists at several universities and organizations on the topics of animal behavior, training, species-specific cognition, welfare and psychological trauma in animals.

Nowadays, her primary focus is working with dogs displaying significant aggression (dog-to-human and dog-to-dog). She also routinely works cases where the animal is performing a range of other behaviors associated with fear or anxiety. In all cases, her primary aim is to help the guardian/handler to understand the underlying cause for the animal’s behavior, and to use both management and behavior modifying training, to achieve a better outcome for the animal and the humans. In her spare time, she enjoys training and competing in several dog sports.


Aggression in the Multidog Household