Sarah  Forge

Sarah Forge never thought she would want to become a dog trainer…which is a strange opening line for a bio to a dog trainers’ conference. Her goal is for people to make good choices when it comes to dogs, choices that ultimately impact on the health and welfare of all dogs everywhere. She didn’t choose the dog trainer life; the dog trainer life chose her.
Forge believes we are all stakeholders in animal welfare and that education, networking and taking a more collaborative approach to managing change are key. For these reasons, she serves on the committees for the Pet Professional Guild Australia and the Australian Cattle Dog Society of New South Wales.
Although she did not want to be a dog trainer, she is now 10 years into her canine behavior journey with a nationally recognizedCertificate IV in Companion Animal Services and her Miss Behaviour Dog Training Services business in Western Sydney. She is always adding to her competencies with further study from the Karen Pryor Academy and International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants.
She provides canine behavior consulting services for serious behavior issues, as well as group training classes for puppies from 2 to 12 months old and educational services on canines for other related companion animal stakeholders. She enjoys the challenge of preventing problems and shaping people to be the best pet dog guardians they can be. 


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