Cristina and AurĂ©lien Budzinski

Cristina and Aurélien Budzinski are dog behaviorists based in France who are certified by Norwegian dog training pioneer, Turid Rugaas. They are passionate about understanding dogs and their well-being, so decided to study them from a scientific perspective.

As such, they have been carrying out field studies for a number of years now to observe dogs while measuring their pulse rates. Combining their experience in dog training and collecting data from many very different dogs, they have been able to discover some fascinating facts about what dogs do naturally and why they do it.

The Budzinskis believe that understanding is the best way to learn. This is why they are always eager to learn more about every possible aspects of the dog’s life, which includes behavior, physiology and even psychology. Emotions are a big part of how dogs cope with life. The aim of the Budzinskis’ studies is to observe dogs' behaviors in depth and then present people with an alternative way of seeing how dogs actually feel.

They have presented their work in several countries worldwide, including Norway, Italy, Austria, Belgium, France and Taiwan, and are continuing with more field studies. Their aim is to keep observing dogs in different contexts to continue to better understand how they behave and how we can help  them cope better with life.

The Budzinskis are also certified herbal choices practitioners and mantrailer instructors.Not yet


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