Peta Clarke

Peta Clarke lives and breathes the animals she works with. With over 25 years’ experience working as a professional animal trainer in a variety of settings both in Australia and America, she has engulfed herself during that time in the practical and theoretical application of reinforcement training in the training and care of literally thousands of animals. While her first love is working with dogs, her experiences in the field of animal training range from elephants to goldfish. As a trainer and presenter of animal shows in zoos on several continents, she has had the opportunity to work with many exotic animals but has focused her work in this area on working with free-flighted birds and marine mammals.
After an extensive career as an exotic animal trainer, she now  divides her time between working in the film and theater industry. Her credits include Babe II, Superman Returns, Wolverine, Hacksaw Ridge,  The Square,  Top End Wedding,  The Invisible Man, and many other local films and literally hundreds of television commercials.
She is a nationally accredited trainer in Australia, holding her Certificate IV in training and assessment and is a sought-after lecturer, teaching certificate level animal training and behavior courses for aspiring animal trainers, and an invited lecturer for many dog training clubs, zoos, and other private organizations.


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