Pat Miller

Pat Miller BS CPDT-KA CBCC-KA has been training dogs for more than 30 years. A highly successful author who has published several books in the field of dog training, Miller was named by Dog Fancy Magazine as one of “45 People Who Have Changed the Dog World” in March 2015.
Miller worked for 20 years at the Marin Humane Society in Novato, California, during which time she collaborated with renowned canine and behavior consultant, Trish King to create the country’s first “Color Coding” system for assessing shelter dogs and volunteers. The system was successful in reducing behavior problems in shelter dogs (with a corresponding reduction in euthanasia) by identifying difficult-to-handle dogs and matching them with more experienced and capable volunteer handlers. In 1996, Miller launched Peaceable Paws, LLC dog-friendly training center and Peaceable Pastures horse boarding facility in Monterey/Santa Cruz, California. She also introduced the Color Coding system at the Santa Cruz Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals while serving on the board of that organization.
In 1999, Miller and her husband relocated to Chattanooga, Tennessee where she helped create Friends of Chattanooga Animal Services – a non-profit organization whose mission is to support the work of the Chattanooga Animal Services Division. In 2002, she opened the Peaceable Paws Intern Academy, which attracts trainers from around the world. Two years later, Miller and her husband moved to Fairplay, Maryland, where they continue to operate Peaceable Paws and Peaceable Pastures. Miller also offers group dog training classes, private behavior consults, training camps, seminars and workshops worldwide, expert witness services for animal-related legal cases, and is director of the Peaceable Paws Trainer Academies and Training Programs.


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