Craig Ogilvie

Craig Ogilvie makes you the center of your dog’s world. Having spent a great deal of time training and testing working dogs in locations all of Europe, he very quickly went on to achieve unique accreditation and is the first and only person from the United Kingdom to be licensed to test and train dogs internationally in the working dog sport of mondioring, which consists of obedience, agility and criminal apprehension.

He is also one of the very few experienced and qualified civilian police dog training instructors in the U.K., as well as a dog behavior practitioner, seminar leader, author, and public speaker. His passion and study of training, interacting and communicating with dogs led to his discovery of the “Interactive Play Experience” and “How to Become the Centre of Your Dog’s World.” He delivers his systems worldwide via workshops, seminars and online training, helping dog lovers all over the world to achieve their goals.


Introducing the Foundations of Interactive Toy Play