Lara Joseph

Lara Joseph is the owner of The Animal Behavior Center in Sylvania, Ohio, an international, educational center focusing on teaching people how to work with animals using positive reinforcement and approaches in Applied Behavior Analysis. She is a professional animal behavior consultant and trainer with a focus on exotics and travels internationally giving workshops, lectures, and providing online, live-streaming memberships on animal behavior, training and enrichment. Joseph’s focus is on behavior and training with all species of animals whether in the home, shelter, zoo, or educational ambassador. She sits on the advisory board for All Species Consulting, The Indonesian Parrot Project, Collaboration 4 Avian Wellness, and is director of animal training for Nature’s Nursery, a wildlife rehabilitation center in Whitehouse, Ohio. She is also the president of the nonprofit Sam, I Can Foundation, raising awareness for animals and animal organizations in need.She has been asked to co-author and is currently working on international manuals of animal behavior and training, one focusing on the professional world of avicultural behavior and training. She is a published author and writes regularly for several periodicals. She also blogs for Deaf Dogs Rockand is a guest lecturer in Zoo Biology; Animal Nutrition, Behavior and Diagnostics, a course taught by Dr. Jason Crean at St. Xavier University in Chicago, Illinois. 


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