Dr. Robert  Hewings

Dr. Robert Hewings is the author of the recently published Introduction to Canine Scent-Work and soon to be published Tracking for Every Dog.He is a highly experienced canine trainer who is now head of the UK College of Scent Dogs, having been a professional dog trainer and search dog handler for over 30 years.
He retired from the British Metropolitan Police after 30 years’ exemplary service, 25 of which were as a police dog handler, and the final nine years as a full-time trainer with the Metropolitan Police Dog Training Establishment. He has enhanced this experience with a bachelor’s in canine training and behavior, a master’s in professional practice police dog training, and a Ph.D in canine scent detection. He has instructed all police canine-search disciplines including explosive search and narcotics, supporting this with practical experience gained in London, U.K. where he has supported many large events, the 2012 Olympics, the Wimbledon Tennis Championships and protecting the British Royal Family.
During his time at the Metropolitan Police Dog Training Establishment (2007-2016), Dr. Hewings headed the training for SWAT dogs, and was active in the instruction and development in all aspects of police dog and handler training. He played an active role in the instruction and development of the Canine Training Instructor, authoring two training manuals, and designing coaching programs that have enhanced the effective performance of operational dog handlers.
After his retirement in 2016, Dr. Hewings took on new challenges to complete his desire to learn, lecturing at university (BSc canine behavior and training) where he specialized in assistance dog training, writing his book, and practical assistance dog training using scent-work within epilepsy alert, diabetes alert and post-traumatic stress disorder alert. He also attended Bergin University of Canine Studies in Penngrove, California, where he gained a valuable insight into assistance dog training, particularly for PTSD sufferers.
He is now head of learning and development with the UK College of Scent Detection where he has been invited to share his knowledge worldwide, lecturing in USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. He is presently engaged in writing two academic papers for enhancing scent detection within the assistance dog community and emotional learning in our dogs.


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