Dr. Deborah Jones

Deborah Jones Ph.D. recently retired as an associate professor of psychology after teaching for 20 years at Kent State Universityin Salem, Ohio. Since 2013 she has taught a variety of courses, webinars and workshops online at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy. Her special interests include Focus training (which she developed with Judy Keller in the early 2000s), helping students develop solid foundation skills through her Performance Fundamentals class, shaping, retrieves, impulse control work, and most recently, Cooperative Care for husbandry work.  
Over the years Prof. Jones has written 12 books. She also wrote and helped to produce a series of videos titled Clicker Fun in the late 90s, and more recently a series of DVDs for Clean Run Productions. Her books include Clicker Fun, In Focus, The Focused Puppy, and the Dog Sport Skills series of 4 books co-written with Denise Fenzi. She recently published a book titled Cooperative Care: Seven Steps to Stress Free Husbandry.  


Cooperative Care: Comfort Plus Challenge