Charlotte  Smithson

Charlotte Smithson began her career many moons ago as a veterinary nurse, then moved on to train as a guide dog mobility instructor, which is where her interest in dog behavior began. As a result, she obtained a certificate in applied animal behavior from the University of Southampton in England.
She continued her education in pet training and behavior, first with the British Veterinary Nursing Association and then through the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology, where she became a companion animal behavior practitioner. Having planted her roots in Australia, in 2007 she launched her first dog training business, Pawsitively Wagging. After completing her behavioral medicine course through the Continued Veterinary Education scheme at the University of Sydney, she expanded her wings and opened her own training facility, thus re-launching her business as Perth’s Animal Training Specialists (PATS) in Western Australia.
She is also an Approved Agility Instructor, has completed her C.A.P 2 (Competency Assessment Program) through Kay Laurence and has qualifications in shelter and rescue work, feline behavior, science and technology, is currently studying with Suzanne Clothier and undergoing her C.A.P 3, as well as working towards her certification in K9 Nose Work through the National Association of Canine Scent Work.
She has a huge passion for animal welfare and pet training and wishes to help people with their companion animals live a rich, healthy and fulfilling life.


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