Andrew Hale

Andrew Hale (Bsc, ISCP.Dip.Canine.Prac) is the owner, principal trainer and behaviourist at Train Positive. He is the proud owner of three wonderful dogs – two of which came him with behavioural problems so he knows what it is like to live with and train dogs with difficult issues. As well as a Bsc (Hons) he also holds various diplomas in animal and canine behaviour. He is a Certified Animal Behaviourist and Certified Canine Behaviourist. He a trustee of the Association of INTOdogs, and a team member at the International Companion Animal Network. Andrew is also a team member of the internationally renowned International School of Canine Psychology. Andrew provides the behavioural support to Animals in Distress and is approved to attend events held by the Blue Cross. He also works closely with the team at Dogs Trust. He is also the behavioural consultant for Pet Remedy. 


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