Louise Newman

Louise Newman KPA CPT DELTA Aggression Master Class is vice president for the Pet Professional Guild Australia (PPGA) and also runs her own business, Let’s Go Fido, in the Lower North Shore area of Sydney, Australia.  
She enjoys the fact that, at PPGA, it is all about the animals, and likes encouraging members, whether general public or professionals, to seek out current education so they can enrich their animals’ lives using force-free methods. She believes that an animal that is calmer is enriched; an animal that is an active and engaged partner in learning is enriched; and an animal that has a healthy relationship with their handler is enriched.
Like so many educators, it was inappropriate behavior that got her hooked on understanding why some individuals flourish in a certain setting and others do not. Initially, this fascination started in school classrooms and policy changes but later moved to antisocial behaviour in dogs. She believes that, like any good education system, guiding principles need to be in place and these should be all about the student.    
She references the following discourse which asked people to pose the following questions when making career or educational decisions:
"Wait, what?"- Inquire before you advocate.
"I wonder why?" - Stay curious. "Could we at least ...?" Create a starting point.
"How can I help you?"- Get involved.
"What truly matters to me? Stay true to your ethics.
She then asks that you take some time to explore what PPG can offer you (e.g. the website, official publication BARKS from the Guild, and educational webinars) and apply the above questions in relation to your aspirations and alignment within the animal world. She hopes and believes this will reinforce, motivate, and create a desire for you to get involved. You can contact Louise through PPGA in the Exhibitor Hall.


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