Dale  McLelland

Dale McLelland is a qualified Behaviourist and Trainer based in Ayrshire, Scotland. Her business, Being Canine, https://beingcanine.co.uk/  has been running for over ten years, and she has a particular interest in dogs that display aggressive responses and the effects of fear and stress on domestic dogs. She has shared her home with many different breeds of dogs, although Rottweilers are a firm favourite, and currently, her two dogs are Old English Sheepdogs.  They regularly help with improving the social skills of dogs in behavioural assessments and daycare settings.

Dale is a Tutor for the ISCP and a Trustee of the Association of INTODogs, in addition to providing practical study days and delivering presentations on a wide variety of topics relating to canine behaviour. Dale has organised and been invited to present at numerous seminars including several webinar sessions for the ISCP. She has coached guardians and students of dog behaviour in observing, understanding and interpreting canine body language and play signals, with the aim of fostering greater knowledge of normal canine behaviour and communication.  Previous roles as a freelance artist and manager within the NHS has given a broad range of transferable skills including applying change management, and Lean methodologies in helping guardians to adapt and adjust to new ways of working and thinking.   
Dale co-wrote a short course specifically for guardians entitled ‘The Dog’s BFF Award’ which is available via the ISCP and has provided a mentorship role for several students embarking on their Canine Behaviour career. 
Dale is an advocate of force-free methods and placing the health and wellbeing of the dog at the centre of all interactions, continually promoting an ethical approach and ensuring that the focus is on relationship building. 


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