Kelly  Fahey

Kelly Fahey, PMCT2, the owner and lead trainer of PupScouts of Hunterdon (formerly, The DogSmith of Hunterdon) is a Level 2 Certified Pat Miller Trainer and a Certified Fear Free Trainer. Kelly helps pet parents with all their puppy predicaments and doggie dilemmas whether they are new puppy guardians or experiencing behavior challenges with a special focus on puppies. With Kelly’s family raising 24 puppies for the Seeing Eye and raising their own personal puppies, she has puppy raising down to a science and has become her area’s leading puppy expert, making puppy raising easier for all of her clients. Located in Hunterdon County, NJ, she has expanded her training offerings on a live, virtual platform in order to help pet parents all over. 

Kellis is also a member of the PPG Steering Committee and the Geek Week Planning Committee


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