Devin Hughes

Devin C. Hughes
Devin C. Hughes is an unshakable optimist.
He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together.

Described as “a visionary thinker with a rare intellect,” Devin teaches leaders and organizations how to inspire people. With a bold goal to help build a world in which the vast majority of people wake up every single day feeling inspired, feel safe at work, and feel fulfilled at the end of the day, Devin is leading a movement to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.

He is an author, speaker, consultant, executive coach, and an internationally recognized expert on how work is evolving.  Heis best known for his expertise in the science of happiness, diversity, inclusion and equity as well as organizational/cultural change, and leadership development. 

Devin is fascinated by the people and organizations that make the greatest, lasting impact in their organizations and in the world. Over the years, he has discovered some remarkable patterns about how they think, act and communicate and the environments in which people operate at their natural best. He has devoted his life to sharing his thinking in order to help other leaders and organizations inspire action. His approach draws from the science of positive psychology, positive organizational research, appreciative inquiry, neuroscience, mindset and mindfulness.

Devin’s unconventional and innovative views on business and leadership have attracted international attention. From State Farm to Disney, from Lockeed Martin to Wells Fargo, from big business to entrepreneurs to government agencies, Devin has been invited to meet with an array of leaders and organizations in nearly every industry. He has also had the honor of sharing his ideas with the Secret Service, Social Security Administration and the IRS and with the senior-most leaders of many other organizations.

Devin is a graduate of Colgate University andthe author of twenty-one books.  He lives in San Diego, CA with his wife, four daughters and two rescue dogs.  


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