Dina Savvenas, MA, CPRS

Dina, a Johnson City, TN native, earned a BS in Psychology and an MA in Storytelling from ETSU.  She has worked as a case manager for victims of domestic violence and began working at Frontier Health as a Peer Wellness Coach for the TDMHSAS Wellness Initiative My Health My Choice My Life in 2015.

She received several honors in this position, including keynote status for the 2017 Art for Awareness event in Nashville and the “Advocate of the Year” award at the 2018 Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Conference in Manchester, TN.

Dina began serving as the Statewide Peer Wellness Coach & Trainer in November, 2018, and she is committed to serving peers receiving services in the state of Tennessee and also to her team of Peer Wellness Coaches.  Dina is personally committed to wellness, enjoys acting and theatre arts, Bellydance, and being active in the great outdoors. 


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