Vinod Srihari, MD

Dr. Srihari's scholarly activities fall under two domains. He is the Director of the Program for Specialized Treatment Early in Psychosis (STEP) that is active in a range of research projects across the translational continuum from studies relevant to the etiology and pathophysiology of psychotic illnesses to efforts to improve the clinical treatment, and design of systems of care for schizophrenia spectrum disorders. STEP is also focused on 3 other missions of workforce development, best practice care and policy toward an overall mission to improve the capabilities of young adults with psychotic disorders. In his curricular work, he has led the development and implementation of an Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) based approach to enabling psychiatrists in training to ask, access, appraise and apply the best available scientific evidence to their practice and to audit the health of the populations they are responsible for. More information at: https://medicine.yale.edu/profile/vinod_srihari/


Brkout 2D - Early Intervention for Schizophrenia: Building Systems of Care for Knowledge Translation