Heather Land

Comedienne, Author, Singer

Heather Land’s unfiltered words are saying what we are all thinking — I ain’t doin’ it! From the aisles of Walmart to the pews of her small-town Southern upbringing, her ability to find the funny in the frustrating keeps us laughing out loud. What started as a dare from her friends to share a Snapchat filter video became a viral sensation in September 2017 with more than 300 million views of her “i ain’t doin it” videos.

Wit peppered with some sarcasm and a whole lot of truth has made Heather Land a household name. From failed diets to dating in her 40s, she has seen it all and lives to tell about it. The challenges in her life (and in the aisles of Walmart) have provided stories that have us all laughing at each other, but mostly laughing at ourselves.

As a comedienne, author, and singer, Heather Land is selling out arenas across the country. When she is not traveling, you can find her at home outside of Nashville, Tennessee writing music, homeschooling two teenagers, and launching her new book in May 2019.


General Session- I Ain't Doin It