Kelly Posner, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry | Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons
Founder of the Lighthouse Project
Columbia University


Dr. Kelly Posner’s work is saving lives all over the globe across six continents. The President of the American Psychiatric Association noted her work with the Columbia Protocol could be “like the introduction of antibiotics.” The U.S. Department of Defense said that her work is “nothing short of a miracle,” and that "her effective model of improving the world will help propel us closer to a world without suicide.”

Dr. Posner’s work has been noted in a keynote speech at the White House and cited in Congressional hearings, and she gave the lead presentation in a U.S. Senate forum on school safety after the Parkland tragedy. Through her advocacy, she has changed local, national and international policy, which in turn has helped achieve reductions in suicide across all sectors of society. An Israeli government official said her work “is not only saving millions of lives but in Israel it is literally changing the way we live our lives.” 


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