Brittany Sharpe McCollum, CCE(BWI), CD(DONA)

Brittany Sharpe McCollum, CCE(BWI), CD(DONA) is the owner of Blossoming Bellies Wholistic Birth Services based out of Philadelphia PA, providing childbirth education classes, birth doula services, and dynamic labor support and pelvic biomechanics training workshops for birth professionals and expectant parents. She has been offering birth-related services since 2007 and continues to work towards change in the maternity care system by providing expectant parents with the tools to be actively involved in their care and through her work facilitating evidence based fetal positioning and pelvic dynamics workshops and webinars to clinical and non-clinical care providers.  Brittany is honored to be a sought after guest at international childbirth related conferences, including the Evidence Based Birth conference and the Midwifery Forward 2020 Conference.  In addition, Brittany facilitates workshops for obstetricians, midwives, nurses, doulas, childbirth educators, and chiropractors around the country, both virtually and in-person, as well as presents a bi-annual training for the general Philadelphia birth community, of which she is a part.  Brittany lives in the Philadelphia area with her partner and three children. Check out her website for upcoming webinars, classes, workshops, conference events, and more at www.blossomingbelliesbirth.com, follow her on Instagram @blossomingbelliesbirth, and stay in touch on Facebook at Blossoming Bellies Wholistic Birth Services.


Reproductive Anatomy and Pelvic Structure