Arthur Griffiths

Arthur Griffiths
Chairman, CEO & Director
World Farms Corp. (FARM.C)

Mr. Griffiths has extensive experience in retail, real estate, civil design, construction, public relations, and international business transactions. He was the Managing Director of BOSCO UK and was Chairman for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Bid Society. Locally Mr. Griffiths held positions as the youngest owner in NBA and NHL history where he held the position as Owner, Chairman and CEO for Orca Bay Entertainment, which owned the Vancouver Canucks, Vancouver Grizzlies, where Mr. Griffiths privately financed the design and construction of GM Place (Rogers Arena). He also led the design and construction of the $1.2 Billion Vancouver Skytrain System as Chairman and Chief Negotiator. Mr. Griffiths holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) focused on marketing and received his Honorary DR of Law in 2011.


World Farms (FARM.C)