Tiffany Tolliver

Tiffany Tolliver founded The EmmaRose Agency, a luxury Los Angeles-based branding firm, in October 2015 with a promise to enhance the way we visually consume products and services. The EmmaRose Agency designs and builds iconic brands using visual balance, clean and classic designs, and breathtaking photography. With grace, grit, and God, in two years Tiffany elevated from living at home as a hair salon receptionist in Washington, D.C. to the owning a thriving six-figure boutique agency in Los Angeles that develops branding for nationally-recognized businesses. She obsesses over changing her clients’ stories, the way she changed her own story, by creating impactful visual experiences that cultivate brands’ popularity and profit. Tiffany’s clients have received recognition from outlets such as Good Morning America, TODAY, Buzzfeed, PopSugar, and more after working with her.


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