Joanna Haase, Ph.D., MFT

Joanna Haase, Ph.D., MFT is a private practice psychotherapist whose specialty is working with the gifted population. As a mother of two 2e children and a therapist who works with 100’s of gifted individuals and families, Dr. Haase is passionate about creating a whole person approach to understanding and treating this population. Dr. Haase co-founded Gifted Research and Outreach, a non-profit organization promoting a comprehensive and accurate understanding of giftedness through research and outreach. A frequent presenter at local, state, and national conferences, Dr. Haase’s areas of expertise include, giftedness, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders in highly and profoundly gifted individuals.


Gifted Physiology: How OE’s and Gifted Differences are Better Understood by Taking a Whole Body Approach
Joanna Haase - Passion Pitch