Greg Burnham, M.S., LMFT

Greg has worked as a therapist for the last 20 years with adolescents in a variety of settings. He has worked as a primary therapist and as a clinical director in residential treatment, community mental health, and wilderness treatment. His current specialty is working with a neurodiverse population. He has the privilege of watching young people who have been in pain and are not able to navigate complex emotions in effective ways find a clear path to begin healing. He works with more severe acting out 2e individuals. They are the amazing students who can’t stay in even nontraditional settings due to their level of dysregulation and acting out/escape style ways of dealing with their inner turmoil.

Greg regularly speaks at conference on topics related to the 2e population. He feels driven to challenge the status quo and standard methods of intervening with young people. He also believes in the sharing of ideas in ways that everyone can relate to and understand. He finds the science fascinating and loves making that information practical.

He believes in living a life of emotional growth and physical challenge without sacrificing relaxation and enjoyment. He is fond of saying that ”it is a thousand times easier to be a therapist than to be a parent” and “if imperfect parenting caused the level of acting out to require wilderness therapy then… all children on the planet would require it.” His desire is that we don’t judge each other and that we don’t excuse our influence on our children either.


Looking at 2e Through a Developmental Trauma Lens
Greg Burnham - Passion Pitch