Don Ambrose, PhD

Don Ambrose, PhD, is professor of graduate education at Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, and editor of the Roeper Review. He serves on the editorial boards of most of the major journals in the field of gifted education and for several book series. He has initiated and led numerous interdisciplinary scholarly projects involving eminent researchers and theorists from gifted education, general education, creativity studies, cognitive science, ethical philosophy, psychology, political science, economics, law, history, sociology, theoretical physics, and critical thinking. Some of his recent books include Conceptions of Giftedness (forthcoming, with Robert J. Sternberg); Creative Intelligence in the 21st Century: Grappling with Enormous Problems and Huge Opportunities (with Robert J. Sternberg); Giftedness and Talent in the 21st Century: Adapting to the Turbulence of Globalization (with Robert J. Sternberg); How Dogmatic Beliefs Harm Creativity and Higher-Level Thinking (with Robert J. Sternberg); Confronting Dogmatism in Gifted Education (with Robert J. Sternberg and Bharath Sriraman); Expanding Visions of Creative Intelligence: An Interdisciplinary Exploration; Morality, Ethics, and Gifted Minds (with Tracy L. Cross); The Roeper School: A Model for Holistic Development of High Ability (with Bharath Sriraman and Tracy L. Cross); and A Critique of Creativity and Complexity: Deconstructing Clichés (with Bharath Sriraman and Kathleen Pierce). He also invents new creative and critical thinking strategies based on concepts discovered in multiple academic disciplines and professional fields. Don has received international, national, and regional awards for distinguished scholarship from the NAGC; the NJAGC; the ICIE; the Routledge/Taylor & Francis Educational Expert Panel; and the American Creativity Association; among others. He has done invited keynote presentations throughout the world.


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