Maria Johnson, M.A. CCC-SLP

Creating a collaborative environment that brings together practitioners from the field of education, cognition, and behavioral health drives Maria’s leadership as the director of Youth and Family Innovations through the University of Texas at Dallas’ Brain Performance Institute. With a strong foundation in research, business, and education, she is passionate about working closely with schools for students with learning differences, and is proud to offer access to virtual social learning programs to families from coast to coast. As a Speech Language Pathologist that has specialized in social cognition for the past 18 years, Maria thrives on giving children the knowledge and confidence they need to grow as strong social citizens. As a mom of a twice exceptional child for the past 13 years, she is an avid advocate for the educational rights of children for mental health supports, especially within the public school system. She is proud to serve as a key community resource in assisting clinicians, teachers, and families discover how to best support the social, emotional and cognitive development of the youth in their lives.


Uncovering the Social Mind of Tweens & Teens
Maria Johnson - Passion Pitch