Joe Strickland

Joe grew up in California, living as far north as Sacramento and eventually graduating from high school in San Diego. He received his university degree and court reporting training in Texas. Joe began his reporting career in 1990 as a closed-captioner for KVIA-TV News in El Paso, Texas. He moved to Washington in 1991 as a freelance reporter and CART provider, and joined the House of Representatives as an Official Reporter in 1993.  He became Chief of the Office of Official Reporters in 2005, with primary responsibility for recruiting, hiring, training, scheduling, and overall supervision of the House’s 43-person reporting office; daily production of the Congressional Record; and oversight of transcript production for the House’s 20 Committees and 95 Subcommittees. In his supervisory role, he continued to report Leadership press conferences, Joint Sessions, classified briefings, and an occasional hearing.  Joe has reported the State of the Union speeches of Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama.


Stories from Washington, D.C.