Tori Pittman

Tori Pittman is a former machine writer (RDR) who transitioned to voice writing due to injury and is now master-level certified in that method (CVR-CM-M) and has participated in three Intersteno Competitions using voice. In each of the three, she came away with the gold medal in the speed competition for voice practitioners and, in 2017 in Berlin, finished third overall in the speed competition behind two amazing steno writers. Tori has a BA in history from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and runs a small freelance agency based in Wake Forest, North Carolina. She and her husband, Al (former deputy sheriff and now a full-time scopist), love to travel and make Intersteno their main holidays in odd-numbered years. Sardinia in 2019 will be their fifth adventure across the pond at Intersteno (Paris, 2011; Ghent, 2013, Budapest, 2015; Berlin, 2017) and they cannot wait to see you all there! Tori is a passionate advocate for the profession and encourages everyone to share their love of court reporting with everyone they meet as you never know where the next amazing reporter may be hiding.


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